Twelfth General Assembly 1868



AN ACT  To Constitute the Pricipal a Member of the Board of Trustees, Enlarge and Furnish the Buildings,
and support the Institution for the Education of the Blind.


Section 1.     Principal of Institution for Blind made Trustee; reservation,
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Stat of Iowa, That the Principal of the institution for the education of the Blind shall be ex-officio member of the board of trustees, but shall have no vote on any question relating to his own salary or office as principal. 

Section 2.    Trustees to fix pay of officers. Proviso. 
The board of trustees shall fix the compensation of all the officers and employees of said institution, at such rate as shall them be deemed just and equitable:  Provided, That in no event shall the total amount of expenses of the institution exceed the total amount of appropriations for the same. 

Section 3.     Appropriations: for furniture $2400; library $1500; Instruments $2500; fences &c., $700; painting, repairs &c., $2000; heating apparatus $5000; slate roof $1500; veranda $1500. 
There is hereby appropriated the sum of two thousand four hundred dollars for the purchase of bedsteads, beds, and bedding, carpets, and general furniture; one thousand five hundred dollars for library, including relief maps and astronomical apparatus; two thousand five hundred dollars for the purchase of one organ and two pianos; seven hundred dollars for repearing fences, cultivating grounds, orchards, and shrubbery; two thousand dollars for painting, sub-dividing rooms, and for general repairs; and the further sum of five thousand dollars to furnish a proper heating apparatus for heating the building; one thousand five hundred dollars for covering the present building with fire-proof slate roof; and one thousand five hundred dollars for the erection of a varanda on the west side of the main building. 

Section 4.     Wing to building, $30,000; Workships $3,000. 
There is further appropriated the sum of thirty thousand dollars to erect a wing of stone material to the main building according to the original plan and drawings as nearly as practicable; and the further sum of three thousand dollars for additional workships.

Section 5.     Expended under direction of trustees.  Proviso: balance may be diverted. 
The money hereby appropriated shall be expended under the the direction of the board of trustees, according to the provisions of this act:  Provided, That any balance of any of the appropriations hereby made, remaining after the object thereof has been completed, may be applied to any other object necessary for the best interest of the institution. 

Section 6.     Money, how drawn. Copy of estimates to Auditor. Proviso: $2,000. 
Said appropriation shall be drawn upon the order of the trustees, signed by the president and secretary, upon estimates of work actually performed or materials furnished, which estimate shall be made by said board of trustees, and a copy thereof in writing signed by the secretary of the board shall accompany said order to the State Auditor: Provided,That a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars may be drawn in advance of such estimates, for the purchase of material, when the best interest of the State seems to require it. 

Section 7.     Repealing clause. 
All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed. 

Section 8.     Taking effect. 
This act being deemed of immediate importance shall be in force from and after its publication in the Daily State Register and The Iowa Evening Statesman, newspapers published at Des Moines.

Approved April 6, 1868.


I hereby certify that the forgoing act was published in the Daily State Register April 15, 1868, and in The Iowa Evening Statesman April 20, 1868.

                                                           ED WRIGHT, Secretary of State.






Resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That Jaames Chapin, of Benton county, John Hodgdon, of Dubuque county, and Charles G. Truesdell, of Clinton county, be and are hereby appointed trustees of the institution for the blind for four years from February 1st, 1868, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

Approved April 7, 1868.