The Cedar Valley Daily times
Friday, December 20, 1935.

Blind School Matmen Defeat Dubuque Team

The Iowa School for the Blind's wrestling team defeated Dubuque high here Wednesday by a score of 30 to 16.

Results of the meet follow- F Smith, blind school, defeated Casteel, Dubuque in the 95-pound class; Conzeth, Dubuque, defeated E. Jurevitz, blind school, in the 115-pound class; E. Walk, blind school, defeated Engel, Dubuque, in the 125-pound class; W. Brodene, blind school, defeated Danner, Dubuque, in the 135-pound class; Reavell, Dubuque, defeated S. Porter, blind school, in the 145-pound class; Hahn, Dubuque, defeated G. Porter, blind school, in the 155-pound class; C. Michel, blind school, defeated Barvin, Dubuque, in the 165-pound class; and in the heavyweight division. R. Rollins, blind school, scored a fall over O’Leary, Dubuque.  Referee of the matches was David Matvig, of Iowa State Teachers College. Dubuque coach is Wilbur J. Dalzell; Iowa School for the Blind coach is John L. Ryan.