Seventh General Assembly 1858



AN ACT to locate and provide for the erection of an
Institution for the Education of the Blind of the State of Iowa.


Section 1.     Commissioners appointed to locate. 
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That James C. Traer, of Benton county, John W. Jones, of Hardin county, and Hosea W. Gray, of Linn county, aree hereby appointed a board of commissioners to locate and Superintend the erection of a building at or near the town of Vinton, in Benton county, to be used as an institution for the education of the Blind of the State of Iowa.

Section 2.     Commissioners qualify, Limits of site. 
Before entering upon the discharges of their duties, the Commissioners shall take and subcribe an oath before some officer competent to administer the same, faithfully to discharge their duties as such Commissioners, and they shall not locate said institution on les than forty acres of land, within one mile of the plat of said town of Vinton, and when they have fixed upon a site, they shall receive from the owner or owners thereof, a deed conveying the title to the same, without expense to the State of Iowa.

Section 3.     Plan determined. 
When the location of the building is agreed upon, the Commissioners are hereby authorized to employ an architect to draft a plan for the same, which plan shall contemplate for its execution, together with necessary out-houses and appurtenances, a cost not to exceed twenty thousand dollars.

Section 4.     Proposals advertised for, Security of contracts. 
When plans of said building are determined, the Commissioners are authorized to advertise for proposals for the erection of said building, which shall be built of either brick or stone, or both, and provided suitable proposals ae received by them, are authorized to contract for the erection thereof; Provided, also, that satisfactory security be given to said Commissioners, by the contractors, for the faithful performance of their contracts.

Section 5.     Cost of building. 
The Commissioners shall not contract for the erection of said building, together with necessary out-houses and other appertenances at a cost exceeding the sum of twenty thousand dollars, which sum shall cover the entire cost of the completion of the building and out-houses and appertenances aforsaid. 

Section 6.     Appropriation, Money drewn, Donations
The sum of fifteen thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the erection of said building, out-houses and appertenances, and no part of the appropriation herein provided for, shall be paid by the State Treasurer, except on the warrants of the Auditor, who shall issue such warrants on the requisition of the Commissioners only;  Provided, also that said Commissioners shall not authorize any money to be drawn except for expenditures actually incurred; but no part of the appropriation herein made, shall be so paid until the payment of the sum of five thousand dollars in money, exclusive of land donated by citizens of said county of Benton shall have been secured to the satisfaction of said Commissioners, by bond or other writing obligatory.

Section 7.     Pay of Commissioners. 
The Board of Commissioners shall receive two dollars per day each for the time they are employed in the discharge of the duties hereinbefore imposed, and their necessary expenses shall also be paid from the Treasury of the State.

Section 8.     Time of selecting site. 
It shall be the duty of said Board, or a majority of them, to proceed within six months from the taking effect of this act, to select such site, and advertise for proposals for the erection of said building, and report their proceedings to the next Legislature. 

Section 9.     Land sold for construction of buildings. 
The Commissioners shall have power to sell such portion of the land on which said building is located, as they may think proper, and the proceeds of such sale shall be used in the construction of said building.

Section 10.     Take effect. 
This actshall be in force from and after its publication in the Iowa Citizen and Iowa State Journal, at Des Moines.


Approved March 22d, 1858.


I hereby certify that the foregoing Act was published in the Iowa Citizen on the 7th day of April, 1858, and the Iowa State Journal on the 3d day of April, 1858.

                              ELIJAH SELLS,
                                           Secretary of State.