Second General Assembly 1849



AN ACT to provide for the instruction of the deaf, dumb and blind.

Section 1.  Board of county commissioners to certify number of deaf and dumb, etc.         
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa,   That upon satisfactory evidence being adduced to the board of commissioners of any county in this state, that there is a deaf, dumb or blind person or persons, between the ages of ten and twenty-five years, residing in said county, if shall be the duty of said board to cause the clerk thereof to certify that fact together with the names and ages of such deaf and dumb or blind persons, and the names of their parents or guardians to the superintendent of public instruction.

Section 2.  Superintendent to certify to auditor - auditor to draw warrant.         
The superintendent of public instruction is hereby authorized upon the receipt of such certificate and the application of such person, parent, or guardian of any deaf and dumb or blind person, to certify that fact to the auditor of State who shall draw his warrant upon the treasury for the sum of fifty dollars each in favor of such person or guardian, to be applied to the education of said deaf and dumb or blind person.

Section 3.  Not to receive more than $100.         
No one of the beneficiaries provided for in this act shall be entitled to draw from the state treasury more than the sum of one hundred dollars.

Section 4.  Amount may be drawn.         
A sum not exceeding five hundred dollars may be annually drawn from the state treasury for the education of the deaf and dumb, and a sum not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars may be annually drawn from the state treasury for the education of the blind, to be appropriated agreeably to the provisions of this act.

Section 5.  Superintendent of public instruction to report to legislature.         
The superintendent of public instruction shall report to the general assembly at every regular session thereof, the number of deaf and dumb and blind persons in whose favor money has been drawn from the treasury, under the provisions of this act, and the amount which has been drawn.

Section 6.    
This act shall take effect after its publication by authority.


Approved. January 15, 1849