News From 1934

Cedar Valley Daily Times
Monday, May 28, 1934.


Sealed bids will be received in the office of the Superintendent of the Iowa School for the Blind, Vin­ton, Iowa, on Tuesday, June 12, 1934, at two o'clock p. m. for the remodeling and fire-proofing of the roof and attic of the Main Building located on the campus of that institution, according to plans and specifications which may be secured from Mr. Oren Thomas, Architect, Iowa School for the Blind, Vinton, Iowa. The amount of $20.00 will be charged for said plans and specifications, which sum will be refunded upon their return to the Iowa School for the Blind.

Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check in the amount of  $1,500.0p drawn on a solvent Iowa bank and payable to the order of the Iowa State Board of Education. Should the bidder fail or neglect to furnish a satisfactory security bond, refuse to make a contract on the basis of his bid or fail to meet the requirements of this notice and the specifications regulating the awards his certified check may be forfeited  as  liquidated damage's.

By virtue of statutory authority, preference will be given to materials, products, supplies and all other articles produced, manufactured or grown within the state of Iowa; and to domestic or Iowa labor.

All labor on the project shall be procured in accordance with regulations of the Federal Public Works Administration. The minimum rate per hour to be paid skilled labor shall be 1.20 and the minimum of 50c per hour for unskilled labor. The number of working hours and the various minimum wage scales for employees shall be in accordance with the Public Works Administration requirements as more fully set out in the specifications, instructions to bidders and contract for this project.

The following federal regulations shall also be complied with:

"No bids will be received from any contractor who has not signed and complied with the applicable approved code of fair competition adopted" under Title 1 of the National Industrial Recovery Act for the trade or industry or-subdivision thereof concerned, or, if there be no such approved code of fair competition, who has not signed and complied with the provisions of the President's Reemployment agreement. Each bid must be accompanied by P. W A. Form No. 61.

"Every contractor who bids on a project financed in whole or in part by loans or grants from the P. W. A. shall submit in a sealed envelope with his bid to the contracting authority the names of all subcontractors and material companies and their bids upon which his bid is based. The sealed envelope so submitted shall have on it the name of the contractor, with the words thereon “Bids of Subcontractors and Material Companies". Such submission shall be deemed to constitute an acceptance by the contractor, if awarded the contract of the bid of each subcontractor or material company. Any alteration therein, after the award of the contract, shall be subject to the approval of the P. W. A. Engineer.'

"Upon award of contract the contractor will be required to furnish a labor bond in an amount equal to the largest estimated aggregate payroll for any one month during construction. This bond is required in addition to the usual performance bond."

Consideration or rejection of any or all bids shall be at the discretion of the Iowa State Board of Education, which shall be subject only to advice from the Public Works Administration Engineer. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids.

Bidders shall comply with, all the requirements of the Instructions to Bidders as written in the Architects specifications.

Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, this 25th day of May, 1934.

By order of the Iowa State Board of Education

W. H. Gemmill, Secretary.