News From 1916

The Vinton Eagle
Friday, June 16, 1916


The Burlington Gazette of June 1, in making mention of the graduation of Leroy Stadtlander, of its city, makes the following very complimentary mention of the College for the Blind, its aims, purpose and the good it is doing for the blind children of the state.

The commencement exercises at the Iowa College for the Blind at Vinton, were held Tuesday evening, May 30, in the college auditorium, when seven young people matriculated from that institution.  Among the graduates was Leroy Stadtlander of this city, who has accomplished wonders during his years spent in the school.  This young man is an accomplished musician and has proven himself of exceptional talents. He was this year chosen valedictorian of his class and also played on of the leading roles in the annual class play that was held in the college auditorium May 27. The school will be closed this week when Mr. Stadtlander will return to his home in this city. But will doubtless continue his studies in music. He is a young man of great ambition and is sure to continue his rapid advancement.

George D. Eaton, superintendent of the College for the Blind, is a man particularly adapted to this kind of work. The results obtained by him at the school have bordered on the miraculous, the great majority of those who matriculate from the institution of which he is the head, going forth into life’s battle possessed of even far greater mental and artistic development than the average student who has not been deprived of the sense of sight. His kindness to those under his charge and his personal interest shown to each, is largely responsible for his success, and every student who goes forth from this institution owes a debt of gratitude to this man.

The school for the blind is one of our higher schools of learning in the state and in an educational way has accomplished even greater results than the majority of our state colleges.  The courses taught there are of the common and high school branches and affords the blind students an opportunity to gain the same knowledge in the various subjects of science and practical studies as do those the public schools. The school has its own particular field in which to work and in its way is attaining the same end --- that is to fit the young men and women of the state to fight life’s battle in such a way as to reflect credit upon themselves and their alma mater.             



The Vinton Eagle
November 14, 1916


Graduates from the Iowa College for the Blind make good use of the training they receive at the school here in Vinton. Every once in a while Mr. Eaton, the superintendent receives word from the graduates who are out in the world making their living that have accomplished some new success.

The last one from whom he has received such a message is Frank Oertel, of Keokuk. Mr. Oertel was graduated from the I. C. B. In 1908. Later he took the law course at Drake University, although he is totally blind, led his class in grades received. Since his graduation he has been practicing his profession at Keokuk, Lee county.

This year Mr. Oertel received the nomination for representative in the state legislature, on the republican ticket, and he received a large plurality of votes in the election last Tuesday. His success is even more marked since he has had to battle his way to the top without the use of that measure-less talent, eyesight. But with the excellent training he received here at the Iowa College for the Blind, and with exceptional talent in his profession, Mr. Oertel has proved himself popular in Keokuk and Lee county, and the residents and voters there have shown their appreciation of him by giving him this office.