News From 1911

The Vinton Eagle
March 14, 1911


College for the Blind Will
Probably Soon be Classed As
an Educational

The friends of the College for the Blind ae rejoicing over the fact that a long-desired wich is to be consummated. Heretofore the College has been classed with the penal and charitable institutions of the state and has been under the control of the board of control. It has been classed in the state "Official Register" if one wanted to find the College for the Blind he would be compelled to look under the classification for penal and charitable institutions. This is all likely to be changed. Senator Ames, of this district, some weeks ago introduced a bill in the senate providing for its transfer from the board of control to the board of education. It has passed the senate and is not likely to meet any opposition in the house. The justice of the act is apparent to every member of the legislature.

The College for the Blind is strictly a public school supported from public taxation the same as every public school in the state. Its doors open with the school year in September and close with the end of the school year in June. Its course of study is the same as the public schools with a larger degree of music. Some manual training is also provided. The pupils come from their several homes in the fall and remain till the following June.

The College for the Blind of Iowa holds, and has held for years, a national reputation as a school of its class. The very best instructors are provided, as well as the very best of equipment for the work. The superintendent is a trained school man, and though he has not been in the school work for the blind very long, he is showing a remarkable adaptability for the work. The school is prospering under his care.

The Eagle is glad to be able to note the fact that at last justice is to come to this great institution. It has been burdened with the name "asylum" long enough. Under the board of education it will be classed under the term "school" where it belongs.