News From 1897

the Vinton Eagle
June 25, 1897


Miss Mildred Smith, an ex-Pupil of the College for the Blind marries.

The following dispatch appeared in the Sioux City Journal of June 22:—"The marriage of Miss Mildred Smith, daughter of Will Smith, for a number of years on of the proprietors of the Webster City Freeman and afterwards half owner of the Hamilton County Journal, to Melvin A. Mann occurred today. The marriage has created a sensation in this city. Miss Smith is one of the most talented musicians in Iowa. For many years she has suffered from failing eyesight and has just returned from Vinton, where she has been attending school for a number of years. Her whole life has been given up to musical study. Her parents strenuously objected to the match, but despite their objections the ceremony was preformed. Mann is employed in a creamery at Blairsburg and was at one time a member of the Salvation army in this city. He is said to be an exemplary young man. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have forgiven their daughter for the surprise she caused them for marrying Mann whom they objected to and the young couple will make their home in Blairsburg."

The bride was the especial friend of Miss Mary Brown, of this city and they often exchanged visits. She is a bright, gracious girl and was greatly beloved by officers and pupils alike of the college for the blind which she attended for a number of years.