news From 1869

The Vinton Eagle
Wednesday, September 1, 1869


—The attention of the friends of the Blind is called to the following announcemcnt:

     The wing — for the erection of which provision was made by recent legislative appropriation—is nearly completed, which enables the Institution to receive about 40 additional pupils.

     Blind persons residing in the State of Iowa, of a suitable age and capacity for education, and who conform to the regulations of the Institution, will receive their boarding and instruction at the expense of the State. Their friends will be expected to furnish them with a supply of clothing, and to be at the expense of their traveling to and from the Institution.

     Applications should be addressed to the Principal, Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa, and should contain answers to the following questions:

1st What is the name, age, residence, nativity and cause of blindness of the applicant? Who is the nearest friend, and to what post-office should the reply be sent?

2d. Is the applicant of sound mind, free from contagious diseases, and of sufficient physical strength to receive an education.

3d. Is he or she totally blind? If not, is the degree of blindness such as to prevent the acquirement of an education in a school for the seeing?

4th. How has the applicant been heretofore employed? What instruction has he or she received, and at what age did he or she become blind?

5th. Who will provide clothing for the applicant, and take charge of him or her during vacation?

     Upon proper answers to the foregoing questions, parties interested will be notified as to thc result of the application.

     Any blind person residing in the State, who may desire to enter the Literary, Musical or Mechanical Departments of this Institution, should apply to thc Principal at once.

     All adult blind persons, of sound mind, and in good health, can earn their livelihood and be useful members of society, if properly instructed.

S. A. KNAPP, Principal.

Vinton,- Sept 27, I869.