Fourteenth General Assembly 1872


          This volume of the laws of the State of Iowa is published in accordance with "an act to provide for the publication and distrubution of the laws of the regular session of the Fourteenth General Assembly," approved April 23, 1872, which act provides that said laws shall be devided inton "two series or parts, one of said parts to contain all the general or public laws of the session, and the other part to contain all the private, local, and temporary laws with the joint resolutions and memorials."  Said act further provides that "the chapters of each part shall be numbered separately in the order of their approval."

          Prior to the passage of the above mentioned act, the several acts or laws had been chaptered and numbered in one series in the order of their approval, and many of them published in newspapers and therein designated by such chapters and numbers.  The provision requiring the laws to be divided into two series, rendered it necessary to change the numbering of the chapters in all cases except the first five chapters of the Private, Local, and Temporary laws.  In order to prevent confusion I have placed the original number at the upper left hand corner of each chapter in figures [thus: Ch. 125]; and in cases where an act refers to one previously passed, and recites the number of the chapter of such act, the new number follows the one recited [thus: xxix].  Whenever it appears evident that an error has occured by the use of an improper word, such word in put in italics; and whenever it appears evident that a word had been omitted it is inserted in brackets [thus]. 

                                                      ED WRIGHT,
                                                                    Secretary of State.

May 31, 1872.


[Ch. 70]                                                                                                                                                                        [S.F. 50]



AN ACT to enlarge the Iowa Institution for the Eduction of the Blind,
and to Change the Name of the same, and for the Improvement of the Grounds,
the Purchase of Musical Instruments and a Printing Press for the use of the Blind. 

Section 1.     Name. 
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That the Iowa Institution for the Education of the Blind, shall hereafter be known by the name of the Iowa College for the Blind. 

Section 2.     Appropriations: musical instruments, $1500; press, type, etc., $1000; grounds, $1000. 
There is hereby appropriated the sum of fifteen hundred dollars for the purchase of musical instruments; one thousand dollars for the purchase of a printing-press and type, and paper fo the use of the blind; and one thousand dollars for the improvement of the grounds belonging to this institution.

Section 3.     Appropriation for building wing, $70,000. Maximum cost of same. 
There is further appropriated the sum of seventy thousand dollars, to be expended in erecting a wing to the main building, according to the plans and drawings now in the possession of the Board of Trustees, as near as practicable: Provided, That the cost and expense of the said wing shall not exceed the sum of one hundred thousand dollars.

Section 4.     Money how expended.  
The money hereby appropriated shall be expended under the direction of the Board of Trustees of said institution, according to the provisions of this act.

Section 5.     Authority vested in Board.  No contract to exceed appropriation.  Letting of contracts. 
Said Board is authorized to employ laborers and mechanics by the day or month upon said building, and to purchase all materials necessary to be used in the construction of the same, or to let by contract such portion or portions of the material to be furnished, or labor to be performed, as shall seem to them for the best interests of the State, and for the early completion of said wing of said building, subject always to the following restrictions: No contract shall be made which will bind the State for a greater sum than is at this time appropriated by law and unexpended; nor shall any contract for more than one thousand dollars be made without advertising for four consecutive weeks in two newspapers published in the State stating when bids will be received and opened, and the kind and amount of labor or material wanted, and all such contracts shall be let to the lowest bidder, provided he offers satisfactory bond for the performance of the contract.  But the Board may reserve the right to reject all bids offered.  All contracts for whatever sum shell be in writing, signed by the contractor and by the president of the Board, and shall be kept on file by the Trustees. 

Section 6.     Board may cancel contract when. 
In case any contractor fail through inability or negligence to perform his part of any contract made or to be made, relative to said building, whereby the progressof the work thereon is likely to be seriously retarded, said Board shall have authority to concel such contract and settle with such contractor, provided such settlement can be made without loss to the State.

Section 7.     Monthly statements to Auditor.  Aditor to issue warrant. 
The Trustees shall, at the close of each month, present the Auditor of State a certified exhibit of all amounts due for labordone or materials furnished during said month, and the Auditor shall thereupon deliver to them a warrant upon the State Treasurer for the amount; and no warrant shall be issued except upon such exhibit. 

Section 8.     Treasurer to give bonds. 
The Treasurer of said Board of Trustees shall be required to give bonds in the sum of thirty thousand dollars, for the use of the State of Iowa, to be approved by the Census Board and filed in the office of the Secretary of State, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties and the honest and faithful disbursement of and accounting for all moneys which may come into his hands under the provisions of this act.

Section 9.     In force when. 
This act, being deemed of immediate importance by the General Assembly, shall take effect and be in force from and after it publication in the Iowa State Register, published in Des Moines, Iowa, and the Vinton Eagle, published at Vinton, Iowa.

Approved, April 6, 1872.


I hereby certify that the forgoing act was published in the Daily Iowa State Register, April 10, and in The Vinton Eagle, April 17, 1872.

                                                                              ED WRIGHT, Secretary of State.