Fifth General Assembly 1855



AN ACT to amend an act entitled “an act to establish an asylum for the blind”
Approved January 18, 1853


Section 1.     Act repealed. 
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That so much of an act entitled “An Act to establish an Asylum for the Blind,” approved January 18th, 1853, as conflicts with the provisions of this Act, is hereby repealed.

Section 2.     Trustees, ex-officio appointed, term. 
Said institution shall be under the supervision of a Board consisting of seven persons, of whom the Governor, Superintendent of Public Instructions and Secretary of State shall be ex-officio members, and who shall be called the Board of Trustees. The other members of the Board shall be appointed by the Governor and be approved by the Senate, and shall hold their offices for one, two, three and four years respectively, in the order in which they are recommended, and at the expiration of their respective terms of office, one Trustee shall be appointed by the Governor, with the consent of the Senate, for the term of four years.

Section 3.     Supervision. 
The Trustees shall have the general supervision of the Institution, adopt rules for the government thereof, provide teachers, servants, and necessaries for the Institution, and perform all other acts necessary to render the Institution efficient, and to carry out the purpose of its establishment.

Section 4.     Quorum. 
Three of said Trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 5.     Admission. 
All blind persons resident of this State, of suitable age and capacity, shall be entitled to an education in this institution at the expense of the State.

Section 6.     Non-residents. 
Persons not residents of the State shall be entitled to the benefits of this Institution on paying to the Treasurer thereof the said amount of Thirty-five dollars a quarter in advance.

Section 7.     Report. 
The Board of Trustees shall make a biennial report to the General Assembly, of the condition of the Institution, the number, name, residence, age, sex, place of their nativity, and also the cause of blindness of each pupil; they shall also make report of the studies pursued and the trades taught in the Institution, and the receipts and disbursements of money, made on account thereof.

Section 8.     President and Treasurer, Bond. 
The Board of Trustees shall elect on of their number President, and another Treasurer of the Institution, and the Treasurer shall enter into bonds with security in such sum as the Board shall direct, conditioned for the faithful paying over of all money belonging to the Institution upon the order of the Board, which bond shall be filed with the Secretary of State.

Section 9.     Board not to exceed. 
The Board of Trustees shall not create any indebtedness against the Institution exceeding the amount appropriated by the General Assembly for the support thereof.

Section 10.     Appropriation, Extra expense, Additional, Settle with Mr. Bacon. 
To meet the ordinary expenses of the Institution for the next two years, there is hereby appropriated from the State Treasury the sum of thirty-five dollars per quarter, for each pupil therein, and for extraordinary expenses, including additional books, maps, globes, musical instruments, additional household furniture, and for rent of additional premises, the further sum of four thousand dollars for the ensuing year, and two thousand dollars for the year succeeding; said latter appropriation to be expended or not, at the discretion of the Trustees, who are also authorized to audit and settle any claims which Mr. Bacon may have against said Institution.

Section 11.     No pay. 
No remuneration shall be made to the Trustees for their services.

Section 12.     Exhibitions. 
The Trustees shall have power to allow pupils of the Institution to travel under proper care, for the purpose of exhibiting to the people of the State, by public meetings and otherwise, the progress made by them, and to extend a knowledge of the Institution.

Section 13.     Repeal. 
All acts and parts of acts in relation to the Institution for the Blind, which conflict with this act, are hereby repealed.

Section 14.     Take effect. 
This act to be in force from and after its publication in the Iowa Capital Reporter and Iowa Republican.

Approved 22nd January, 1855








JOINT RESOLUTION Relitave to Asylums for the Blind, and Deaf and Dumb


Resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That the Governor and Secretary of State be, and they are hereby authorized to receive proposals, and examine locations and lands with a view to the permanent establishment of Asylums for the Blind, and Deaf and Dumb, and receive deeds for the point or points selected by them, and report their action to the next General Assembly.

Approved 25th January, 1855,


Published in the Iowa City papers, February 28, 1855


GEO. W. McCLEARY, Sec. of State