Eleventh General Assembly 1866



AN ACT to provide for the education and support of the Blind.


Section 1.     Ordinary expenses, $5,000.00 appropriated. 
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That, to meet the ordinary expenses of the Institution for the education of the Blind, including furniture, maps, music, musical instruments, and the compensation of the principal, matron, teachers, and employees of said institution, there is hereby appropriated the sum of five thousand dollars per annum or so much thereof as may be necessary.

Section 2.     Salary of Principal. 
The Principal of the above Institution, shall be entitled to receive our of the above money appropriated, the sum of seven hundred dollars per annum. 

Section 3.     Matron and teachers. 
The Trustees shall pay such salary, as in their judgement, is just, to the Matron and Teachers employeed in said Institution, not in any case to exceed the sum of five hundred dollars. 

Section 4.     Steward compensation and duties of. 
The Trustees shall appoint some one of the employees, steward, at such compensation as they may deem just, who, under their direction, shall purchase all supplies for the Institution.

Section 5.     Current expenses---appropriation for. 
For the purpose of meeting current expenses, there is hereby appropriated, out of the State Treasury, forty dollars per quarter, for each pupil in said Institution.

Section 6.     Prncipal report to Governor---when, Contents of report. 
The Principal of said Institution shall report to the Governor, on or before the 15th day of December, preceding each regular session of the General Assembly, the number of pupils in attendance, with the name, age, sex, residence, place of nativity, also the cause of blindness of each pupil.  He shall also make a report of the studies pursued and trades taught in said institution, together with a complete statement of the expenditures, and also the number, kind and value of articles manufactured and sold.

Section 7.     Clothing---how furnished. duties of Principal. Duty of Co. Treasurer. Duty of Auditor of State. 
When the pupils of said Institution are not otherwise supplied with clothing, they shall be furnished by the Principal, who shall make out an account therefore, in each case, against the parent or guardian, if the pupil be a minor, and against the pupil, if he or she have no parent or guardian, or has attained the age of majority, which account shall be certified to be correct and signed by the Principal, and shall be prima facie evidence of its correctness, in the courts, and such principal shall forthwith remit such account to the Treasurer of the proper county, who shall proceed to collect the same, by suit, if necessary, in the name of such Institution, and pay the same into the State Treasury, and said Principal shall, at the same time, remit duplicate of such account to the Auditor of State, who shall credit the same to account of the Asylum for the Blind, and charge it to the proper county.

Section 8.     Appropriation---how drawn. 
The above appropriation including account of clothing furnished pupils, shall be drawn quarterly on the order of the Trustees of the institution, made on the Auditor of the State, who shall draw his warrant in the name of such institution on the Treasurer, as ordered by the Trustees. 

Section 9.     Repeal. 
That so much of Chapter 54, of the Acts of the Tenth General Assembly, approved March 19th, 1864, as conflicts with this Act, be and the same is hereby repealed.

Section 10.    
This Act being deemed by the General Assembly of immediate importance shall be in force from and after its passage and publication in the Daily State Register and Iowa Homestead, newspapers published in Des Moines.

Approved March 22d, 1866.


I hereby certify that the foregoing act was published in the Iowa State Register on the 25th day of March, 1866, in the Iowa Homestead April 4th, 1866.

                                                JAMES WRIGHT, Secretary of State.






AN ACT making further appropriation for the Asylum for the Blind.

Section 1.     Appropriation. 
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa,
That there is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, three thousand dollars to be applied to the building of a barn, wood sheds, sewers, and improving the land belonging to the Asylum for the Blind. 

Section 2.     Heating apparatus. 
And there is hereby appropriated an additional sum of three thousand dollars for the purpose of heating said Asylum, with hot-air furnace, and apparatus. 

Section 3.     How drawn. 
The money hereby appropraited shall be paid on the order of the Trustees, which order shall be audited and paid as other claims, Provided, That said money so appropriated shall be drawn from the Treasury only upon estimates as the work progresses.

Section 4.     For what expended. 
Said money hereby appropriated shall be expended for the purposes herein stated under and by direction of the Board of Trustees. 

Section 5.     Publication. 
This act being deemed of immediate importance by the General Assembly, the the same shall take effect upon its publication in the Daily State Register and Vinton Eagle. 

Approved March 31st, 1866.


I hereby certify that the foregoing Act was published in the Daily State Register April 14th, 1866, and in the Vinton Eaagle April ---, 1866.

                                                   JAMES WRIGHT, Secretary of State.