Eighth General Assembly 1860



AN ACT making further appropriations for the Blind Asylum at Vinton.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Stat of Iowa,

Section 1.     Gov'nr. appoint com'r. 
That one commissioner of the "Institution for the education of the Blind" at Vinton, shall be appointed by the governer of this state, who shall as soon as practicable after the taking effect of this act, take into possession all money, books, papers and material of whatever kind and character, together with all claims, grounds, &c., that may be in the possession of the present commissioner, or other parties, belonging to said institution, and safely keep the same for the use of the said institution.

Section 2.     Com'rs give bond. 
Said commissioner shall give a bond to the state, in the sum of five thousand dollars, which shall be approved by the governor and filed in the office of the secretary of state, and before entering upon his dities, shall take and subcribe on oath faithfully to discharge his duties as such commissioner according to law.  Said commissioner shall be removed at the pleasure of the governor. 

Section 3.     $10,000 appropriated. 
There is hereby appropriated the sum of ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary to build the wall of the said blind asylum at Vinton, to the top of the third story, above the basement story, and to cover the same with a good, substantial pine shingle roof, and to so enclose the sindows and doors as to protect the building from damage --- using in said work all the material now on hand, or that may be due from individuals indebted upon subscrition.

Section 4.     Plan of building changed. 
The internal plan of the building shall be so changed as to dispense entirely with a chapel, and the room designated for a chapel shall be finished the same height of other rooms on the same floor, and the plan shall be so changed as to accommodae the greatest number of pupils, which changes in plan shall be made with the approval of the governor. 

Section 5.     Changes approved by the gov. 
No part of said appropriation provided for in the third section of this act shall be drawn until the said commissioner shall submit to the governor, plans and specifications, making such changes in the style of finish and in the internal arrangements, as will bring the remaining cost of completing said building, within twenty thousand dollars, as shown by a reliable proposal of responsible parties for the completion of said building according to definite and full specifications accompanying such proposal.

Section 6.     Auditor issue warrants upon governor's approval. 
The auditor of state shall issue a warrant or warrants, upon the state treasurer for the payment of said appropriations in section three of this act, only upon the proposal embodying the specifications as required in section 5, accepted by the commissioner and approved by the governor. 

Section 7.     Repealing. 
That so much of the act entitled an act to locate and provide for the erection of an "Institution for the education of the Blind of the State of Iowa," approved March 22, 1858, by which commissioners were appointed to superintend the same, is hereby repealed.

Section 8.     Take effect. 
This act shall take effect from and after its publication in the Iowa State Journal and the Iowa State Register.


Approved April 3, 1860.


I hereby certify that the foregoing act was published in the Iowa State Register April 18, 1860.

                                                             ELIJAH SELLS
                                                                             Secretay of State.